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With experience throughout Chinese manufacturing and supply markets, we complete quality and price checks on multiple factories and negotiate until we find the best fit for you.


We never cut corners while saving you money. A high quality product is key to your success, so we monitor your product at every stage to ensure consistent quality.


We connect you to fast global shipping lines and the best freight shipping companies to ship internationally from China

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When looking for a factory to make your product, you have a lot of options. Few of them are any good. You can find a manufacturer through an online directory. But how do you know they’re qualified and reputable? So you work with a sourcing agent. But do you know if they’re connecting you with the best factory and negotiating the best price? Are they transparent about their markup and fees? Can you tell if they’re truly working for you and not the factories? These options put you at an immediate disadvantage and make you come off as an amateur. To work with the best factories and get fair pricing, you need to appear professional. You need a partner that works for you, and only bids your project out to trusted factories. Our strategic sourcing not only makes the process infinitely easier, it grants you the leverage of a more established producer.

Sea + Land Express

BulaPurchase can provide you with reliable and low-cost Sea + Land Express services utilizing it’s strong network with Marine carriers. International ocean carriers will take care of the Sea transportation, while Land transportation will be handled by Fiji local trucks or couriers in the destination. Our flexible Sea + Land Express solutions can help you deliver large quantities of goods with long delivery times at competitive freight rates.